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Cosy Science



We are reforming Cosy Science! We will have one event every three months, and will make sure to bring you the hottest seasonal topics - but as always, we are happy to listen to your suggestions, just drop us a line through the website or on our email address at!

How it works:


You come, mix and mingle with people with different interests. We start with an informal talk from the speaker introducing the topic.

A short break allows glasses to be refilled before the beginning of a lively session of general disussion. Everyone will have the opportunity to ask questions! Also, a game related to the topic of the talk is proposed, in order to have fun and win Cosy prizes.


General conversation and socialisation will conclude the event.


Cosy Science is brought to you by Fong Kuan Wong, Clémence Bernard, Marie-Laure Volvert, Rachel Williams, Kinga Bercsenyi, Mario Ruiz and Nathalie Schmieg

Former members: Mickael Escudero, Olga Martins de Brito, Michael Parkinson, Alessandra Audia, Helena Cantwell and Mariana Campos.

Nathalie, Alessia, Clémence, Fong and Mickael

Kinga, Mickael, Fong, Clémence and Mariana

Mariana, Mickael, Nathalie and Kinga

Mario, Nathalie, Michael, Kinga and Alessandra

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